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Yahoo mail is one of the most famous and popular email service providers and is continuously gaining fame because of its user-friendly features. The word ‘temporary error’ might be very usual for Yahoo users. These errors can occur anytime, and Yahoo users must have an idea about it. It keeps on affecting the experience of the users. These errors are basically self rectifying, but if you need an immediate solution , you need external help. You can get in touch with Yahoo customer support number, and they will help you extensively. Yahoo customer service is available 24/7, and they will give you an easy way to conquer this problem.

But you can fix these errors on your own. Let’s have a look over the error messages you might get and also the solutions:

Yahoo mail server error 14

This error generally occurs when the user is trying to enter the yahoo mail inbox. This error 14 comes out on the window screen with the information “ we are sorry, but yahoo mail can’t load because of a temporary error.” This error can be caused due to the profusion of unnecessary caches and cookies in the browser, which does not let the user access the services of the yahoo mail account. It can also be caused because yahoo mail might not be supporting the current browser

  • You need to sign out from the yahoo mail account
  • You need to delete all the cookies and caches from the browser
  • Restart the browser
  • Login with your valid email address and password
  • Try to send a mail to see if it’s working
  • You need to do a complete virus scan on the system that you are using
  • You need to upgrade your operating system and browser

Yahoo mail server 15

This error generally occurs due to the registry error created by the configured system folder. This error leads to various problems such as PC freezing , Average PC performance ,operational crashes, etc. Registry error can occur if new software has been installed without properly uninstalling the older version of it. Another reason could be malicious software such as spyware, adware, and malware.

To fix this error:

  • You will have to download and install the registry cleaner
  • Once it’s open , click on the system scan tab
  • Once it’s done , adjust all the registry issues and the user is done
  • Check if the drivers are in order
  • If they are not , go to the system manufacturer’s website and find the computer model
  • Look for the latest drivers and install them
  • You will be asked to restart your computer; once you do it , you can take help from the third party
  • Log out your yahoo account
  • Clear all the caches and cookies
  • Restart your browser and see if it is working

Above are some steps using which you can prevent these errors. If you still get any difficulty , you can contact Yahoo customer care number for expert guidance and assistance

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