What is SEO and its benefits

SEO which is popularly known as Search Engine Optimization is one of the methods that help you in increasing the traffic to your website. This is done by simply improving the rankings of the website using a simple algorithm in the search engine. And according to research, it is observed that all the links that fall on the first page of Google get the most clicks, lump sum about 95% of the clicks.

This is also true because it is a human tendency that we don’t scroll much and prefer going with the options that you see on the top. So this can also be a reason behind high CTR and traffic. But then it might not be true that you always see organic traffic. And with organic sometimes the results that are paid links also come up on the top. The algorithmic search will only show results that are under the pay-per-click Google advertised links. The algorithm is for natural, organic and free links. There are more than 200 signals that Google uses to create a platform to settle the link but then SEO is a major chunk which is a combination of creative activities, improvisation, and influence that helps your link rank on the top.

There are two ways by which SEO can work just fine for your website, and that is by Onsite SEO or the Offsite SEO. The Onsite SEO process includes activities such as Technical Auditing, User Experience, Keyword Research, and Onsite Optimization whereas the Offsite SEO refers to the processes including Marketing of the content, Outreach, and promotion, and also the digital PR.

Now coming to the benefits of SEO, we have already discussed a few like it is a helping hand in getting more traffic to your website. It helps your link land on the first page.

Impact-ful advantages of SEO are:

  • First and the foremost benefit that you get from this is the definite increase in your traffic which will be organic.
  • There are a few rivals of SEO which are Adwords and PPC but they are comparatively higher in cost as that of the SEO.
  • You will have to pay for your ranking and when you don’t, your link would come down.
  • As people trust Google, you will also get the trust if you rank high. SEO gives you a better ROI
  • It also helps you in taking your business to another level of excellence.
  • There are many other websites that are doing the same, so if you don’t do it, you will be lacking in the boost that it can provide.